14 June, 2015

A Lecture I Recently Presented at the Summit on Lymphoid Malignancies & Multiple Myeloma 2015

I recently had the opportunity to speak at a lymphoma and multiple myeloma conference in Whistler, British Columbia. Yes, the attendees (and speakers who weren't recovering from Influenza B, as I unfortunately was) skied. But the agenda for the program was quite ambitious, and it included sessions on special populations and emerging therapies, which is where my talk fit in. 

Below are the slides from my talk. In this presentation, I cover the traditional therapeutic approach to treatment of AL amyloidosis, then move into an overview of new fibril-directed therapies currently in development. I included a few slides from a trial involving NEOD001, an anti-fibril mAb. The fully updated trial results were recently shared in an oral presentation at ASCO 2015 by Morie Gertz (Mayo). Click here for a link to the abstract. 

One of my posted slides (the one about anti-SAP therapy) suffered Grade 1 formatting abnormalities likely attributable to file embedding, not attributable to anti-SAP therapy or to the truly fabulous (but absurdly expensive) Manhattans at the Mallard Lounge and Terrace at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.   

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