02 November, 2018

#amyloidosisJC 11/4/18: Daratumumab as therapy for AL amyloidosis

We will be discussing this short, sweet, yet practice-changing article demonstrating the significant therapeutic efficacy of daratumumab in a series of patients with AL amyloidosis. Since this publication, there have been numerous other abstracts and a few publications expanding on these findings. We'll discuss them all on Sunday night, 11/4/18, at 8 pm EST.

click HERE for a link to a similar series we just published with colleagues at the Cleveland Clinic, and HERE for an article by Dr Vaishali Sanchorawala (@vsanchorawala) summarizing other data on this topic presented last year at #ASH17

Tweet ya Sunday. I'll be logging in from ALBANIA. Pix of Tirana and from the 13th Congress of the Albanian Association of Hematology to follow. 

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